Westlight, Williamsburg

I’m a Williamsburg local, but can you believe? Last night was my first “official” visit to Westlight, the popular rooftop bar/lounge at The William Vale Hotel, an iconic Williamsburg hotel.

I’ve been here very briefly just once, just to look at the view for about 5 minutes, and left without having any drinks because the place was too packed. And whenever I tried to visit after that, the line to the rooftop was always insanely long, which turned me off each time completely.

But last night, I tried again with a couple of my co-workers and was so happy to find out there was no line at all! Yay, finally!ย ๐Ÿคฃย We couldn’t get a table outside (saved for people who had made reservations ahead of time, obviously #SMH๐Ÿ˜‘) but we could get a decent table inside. I just stayed inside instead of going outside to enjoy the view, because staying inside was honestly enough.

The decors, lighting, and the atmosphere were all so perfect




Their menus are so cute. And everything sounded so good!
My first drink was Simpatico (the orange drink), which had Macchu Pisco, Aperol, Strawberry Lime, and North Fork Sparkling Rose. It was a good fruity cocktail with a slightly spicy kick.
For the second drink, I ordered Sanshi Slip, which hadย Scotch, Banana, Brookly Roasters Cold Brew, and Coconut. This was my favorite!! It kind of reminded me of Kahlua Milk.


The first bite we ordered: Crispy Potato Skins. They were filled with Yuzu Hollandaise and topped off with Kaluga Caviar.
Bite number two, Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs with Crispy Peanut and Cumin.ย Not a big fan of cumin, but these were super good!
Just in time for sunset! So gorgeous


Let me know what you think!

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