The Gallery

The company I work for has a small gallery over on Bedford Avenue. We rent the space out to other people during the summer, but we use it for displaying art and doing photo shoots during the winter. Right now, the space is used for a creative pop-up shop project that’s going on until February.

We are launching an e-commerce site that sells ‘clean’ beauty products quite soon, and basically, this pop-up shop is an offline version of that. We are showcasing the products that are going to be available on the site, allowing people to test them out. In addition to that, we also have some cute products for sale, by different brands that we’ve curated.

A few of us have been taking turns and coming to work here instead of our office, in order to manage the shop and sales, and to learn the basics of the retail industry. At first, I was like “wtf why should I,” but I’ve recently actually gotten to actually enjoy being here.

First of all, the shop is really pretty – and being here makes me feel like I want to own a little shop myself. And second of all, it’s so peaceful here. Just turn up my music, and whenever potential customers come through the door, I just have to smile, say hi, and make conversations with them. And I get to have an opportunity to speak to people about the brands that we are working with.





IMG_3538 (1)



IMG_3544 (1)



It’s actually amazing to see how each brand is so different and unique, and you get a chance to really figure out what factors work into attracting customers.

Let me know what you think!

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