I got a Kindle!


I used to love reading, but I actually haven’t been reading for a while (for like 3 years now…). Maybe it’s because I was so preoccupied with school for the past 5 years and totally frustrated from all the readings I had to do for my classes, I was busy getting away from the activity of reading during my free time😅.  My free time was mainly spent watching funny TV shows or browsing Instagram, but after I moved to New York, I began to suddenly miss reading books for pleasure. It was because I usually wanted to chill at home after work on weekdays, but I wanted to do exactly that while doing something slightly more productive than just “thoughtlessly” watching TV.

I’d recently purchased a Kindle, and I couldn’t wait to download some books to read. Gosh, I used to HATE the idea of Kindle, because I was such a fan of the feeling of turning the pages of real books. So I used to purchase real books on a whim, only to never get past the third page of the book😑. I couldn’t figure out if I loved the idea of purchasing books more than actually reading them. SO I bought a Kindle. I wanted a device that was completely dedicated to the sole purpose of letting me read, and could save me money and space from purchasing new books.

Aaaand it’s going good so far! 😀 It’s been about a week and I take it to everywhere I go (including work, so I can read to pass time when no one’s watching lol), and I use it to read every night before I go to bed. I just hope that I can keep this up forever(?).

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