8/5 – JungSik, NYC

On 8/5 Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to eat at JungSik, a high-end Korean fusion restaurant located in Tribeca, NYC, with two Michelin stars.

My boyfriend Paul, who visited me over last weekend from DC, surprised me with a reservation at JungSik for our one year anniversary😍. During my first week in New York, I was looking for great restaurants for date nights so I could plan out our evenings together whenever he visits. Then, I found JungSik on Yelp, and it was an immediate “OMG, THIS IS A MUST” moment for me, as it was a 1. Korean restaurant (my boyfriend and I are both Korean and we loooove food from the motherland), and 2. Michelin-starred.

After having Hawaiian brunch and watching Cats on Broadway, we left to Soho to shop around a bit before we arrived at the restaurant. We stopped by Bloomingdale’s and Zara, but sadly, I was unable to find anything that intrigued me 😞😢.  And finally, we got to JungSik around 7PM, and when we got seated, BAAAM. A super cute customized menu welcomed us🤗 (Thanks, Paul)!


We went with the Signature Tasting Menu, and it was the best choice ever🙆🏻. We also ordered a half bottle of riesling to share, and I ordered a glass of pinot noir for the beef menus later on. Sooooo.. here come the pictures!

This is called Ban Chan. It included a pudding, uni & salmon roe, Korean fried chicken, bossam, and a watermelon cube.
First course, the caviar.
Second, the octopus.
Third, uni with rice (my personal favorite🍽!!).
Fourth, the branzino.
Fifth, foie gras dumplings (my second favorite, omg).
Sixth, and the main course, galbi. This was so good that it was actually painful to finish it.
Seventh, the Spring Garden, the pre-dessert. It was asparagus ice-cream. I had no idea asparagus could turn into such an AMAZING dessert menu!
Eighth, the omija bingsoo, the main dessert. Omija is a type of cranberry, and bingsoo is a shaved ice dessert. We also ordered green tea🍵.
Eighth, the baby banana (except it wasn’t really a banana – it was a bread/cream type of dessert with a white chocolate cover!) and mocha ice-cream, with a message from JungSik😍.
Last but certainly not the least, the Petite Four, which includes Yakgwa, Bonbon au Chocolat, and Rhubarb Macaron.


Paul and I had such a wonderful time at JungSik, and it was a great first Michelin experience for the both of us! The food was AMAZING, and the servers were super attentive and fun. We can’t wait to come back, and maybe with wine pairing next time☺️!

Let me know what you think!

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